A Guide to Auto Locksmith Equipment

Many of our locksmith training blog posts discuss the many types of locks and how our training courses can assist you in becoming a fully trained locksmith. But what about the locks that are a crucial element of everyday automation? We’ve mostly talked about the most popular sorts of locks seen in Dublin houses – what about them?

For your business, home, or automobile, our local locksmith team can provide a comprehensive range of 24 hour locksmith services.

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Your car’s locking system, for example, is considerably different from the lock on your front door. It’s just as crucial. Dublin motorists call auto locksmiths every day in desperate need of car lock entry and repair. Today, we’ll look at the distinctive equipment that auto locksmiths require, why that equipment necessitates specialized training, and how our Specialist Auto Locksmith Training Course may help you stand out from the crowd.


Automotive locksmiths are properly trained and certified locksmiths that work in working with vehicle locks and keys. Although the most typical auto locksmith service is assisting with emergency car entry due to a damaged key or lock, they are also skilled in a variety of other services.

Ignition chips in modern car keys communicate with the car’s internal computers. If such keys are lost or destroyed, a new chip to communicate with the computer must be programmed. You’ll learn how to “cut” a new car key, help unlock locked vehicles, reprogramme remote fobs, and open damaged car doors as part of our auto locksmith training.

Locksmiths who have not completed extra training in an auto locksmith course are typically unable to assist with vehicle locks. As you’re presumably aware, the technology used in car locks and keys differs from that utilized in home locks. One of the most significant distinctions is that auto locksmiths must be extensively trained in the use of specialized automobile equipment.


Auto locksmiths must still carry much of the same locksmith equipment that they would for standard locks.

The most significant distinction for an automobile locksmith is the requirement to use a computer. You’ll need an intelligent gadget capable of programming and delivering encrypted data if you need to reprogramme keys and ignition chips.

The majority of digital work is usually done with specialized software. As a result, once you’ve purchased a suitable computer, you’ll also need to learn how to utilize the programming tools.

You will, however, need to rekey laser locks and replace defective locks as an auto locksmith.

In other cases, you’ll have to assist drivers who require emergency vehicle entry. Getting into locked cars is a little different than getting into locked houses and windows, and it requires specialized tools.

To begin, you’ll need to utilize one-of-a-kind picks for one-of-a-kind locks. LISHI picks, Mr Li picks, and inner groove picks are only three of the various choices covered in our auto locksmith training course. Long reach tools, Edge locks, Tibbie locks, gold fingers, and button tools are some of the other vital auto locksmith gear you’ll learn about.

You’ll learn about car manufacturer-specific locks, as well as airbags. Our 3-day auto locksmith training course covers the majority of what you need to know about auto locksmithing, as well as the tools you’ll need on a daily basis.


The good news is that, despite its complexity, auto locksmithing is an excellent career opportunity for anyone interested in the field of locksmithing.

The majority of those who join our training course are currently employed locksmiths who want to improve their abilities. Taking the next step into auto locksmithing provides you a competitive advantage and allows you to do more work. Whereas most locksmiths focus solely on regular locksmith work, you’ll be one of the few auto locksmiths who can do both residential and automotive work.

That isn’t to claim that our course is solely for licensed locksmiths. Students who are new to the profession will benefit from concentrating on a certain locksmith trade and becoming an expert in that subject.


Our Specialist Auto Locksmith Training Course will help you whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced locksmith with your own business.

If you have any queries concerning the tools you’ll learn to use on our auto locksmith training course, contact our team right away. Our helpful staff of locksmith professionals can also explain how our course is City & Guilds recognized and how you can enroll in the next training course near you.